Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A great day

If this day did not happen 34 years ago I would not be married to the wonderful man I have now. I have heard the story about his birth many, many times now. It is still fun to hear. Martha and Gordon were watching Kojak (had never heard of it until this story) and right as the gun was shot Martha went into labor. :)

I have felt bad for Ben for years. With tax season his birthday just gets over looked. There just isn't ever a good time. Tonight is AWANA. I thought I would take Ben out to dinner while the kids were at church but it ended up that tonight is GRAND PRIX. So we will be at church watching our kids race cars. Not quite the birthday he may have hoped for but hey, he chose his profession, right? :)

Ben has been such a blessing to me and the kids. He is really good at being a provider, a role model, a leader. We all love him. Thank you God for creating this man and giving him to me for my time on earth. He has blessed me.

(Maybe he will get snow on his birthday!)

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Alyssa said...

Awe! Happy Birthday Ben. And have fun kids at the grand prix. :) So neat to see another woman blessed by her man. As I am sure you are a beautiful blessing to him.