Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tricky Sister in Laws

I have two sister-in-laws that like to play tricks. I think every day to them is a day to practice for April Fools.

Let me back up. The Wilson's are a close family. Where some families may show up when a baby is born we all head to the hospital as the new mom is being checked in. We want to be there for all of it. Some births have been long (mine) some unusually quick (Donna). But is a fun tradition and I love it. This year I told Alicia she is old enough to go with me and hang out the whole time. The kids have gone for a few hours before but never for an entire day. She is very excited. Every phone call we get we think is Rachel until we see the phone screen.

At about 4 this morning I woke up and never quite went back to sleep. I did have some of those weird dreams you get at that time though.

I dreamt that Rachel called and was breathing heavy and whispering. She was in labor. I asked all the questions I will ask when she actually calls, Where are you, how you feeling, how far along are you, etc etc. Then when she knew I was totally into this phone call she started laughing.

I hung up on her.

Dreams. Now I may know Rachel probably would never in reality do this I also know with her some things are possible. I will now be more weary when the phone rings. Is she just playing with me or is it real.

We'll see.

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