Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ja Miss me?

When we got Internet back on Friday I thought I would run to post that I was back but I didn't know where top even start. Still don't but since I know some of you are wondering how it's going I will try to figure out where to start, what to say.

The house is wonderful. It feels so big. There is sadly much to do here still as I feel like I have been torn a million ways and never get to just relax in this house. Friday our renters move into the old house and that will help me feel less torn and then Monday ends the official busy season of a CPA and that will really make things feel a lot better around this house. Now if the weather would just stay sunny for more then a few hours we might really be able to get some things done.

In the next week we hope to welcome two new babies into the Wilson clan as two of my sister-in-laws are due and this particular Wilson house could not be more excited. Ethan is a baby person and Alicia is old enough to really feel and understand the excitement. Plus maybe someday she will actually get to babysit these two new ones.

Collin is doing good. We had a scare last night when we were told they were heading back up to Doernbechers as he had a fever. But thankfully his counts looked good so they gave him some medicine and sent him home. He goes back up tomorrow for another chemo treatment so they aren't too worried. We found out last week, or it might have been the week before, that he is what is called a slow responder. That means instead of 6 months of chemo (his chemo is through a spinal tap) he will get 10 months followed by the maintenance chemo. I think I got all that right. This world of cancer is so foreign to me. I wish none of us had to become experts on ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but Collin is a trooper and GOD is GOOD.

So that is just a little of what has been going on while I have been away. There is tons more but not all of it is important and some should remain off the web for the world to see.

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momaof4 said...

I missed you. I still miss my sweet friend. I am counting down the day's till I get to see you. I even had to try and not dance around the kitchen as our Saturday finally made it on our 2 week white board!!!