Thursday, January 5, 2012


My sister wants more blogging. She is so demanding. :)

I thought I would just take pictures off the camera. These are Christmas pictures.

My parents at our house Christmas morning Beautiful Christmas cookies my mom made for Christmas Eve night.And Easter Egg Hunt pictures.
We were unable to the yearly Easter Egg hunt on Easter this year so the eggs have been sitting around until the entire family would be together. So we celebrated God sending His son to earth to die/pardon our sins all in one day.


godizlife said...

thank you . who was the baby? and wow moms hair is blonde. fun need more picts though. thank you.

Duo Na said...

Yay! I love the pic with Alicia & I. I don't think I have any of her smiling, let alone her and I together. I'm going to steal it from your post! :)

red-headed Wilson's said...

It is amazing to get a picture of her not frowning or glaring or hiding. I love that pic too. DANETTE- that is baby David, Sarah's baby boy.