Saturday, March 7, 2009

"A good day is when. . . " filched

My friends are not the greatest bloggers. Some of you only post once every few weeks. So I blame this post on YOU. Thursday I was home bound with a sick child. I was in need of something more then wiping noses and giving medicine. And something that only took a few minutes. So I went checking out your blogs, hoping for some small tid bit on your day, your children, your faith, etc. With nothing new to read I started to read your friends blogs. At times I find it embarrassing to read blogs of people I don't know. BUT I do know that you all do it too, so it helps me feel a bit more sane. Anyway I stumbled on a blog that had this WONDERFUL list. A list that all Christain mothers should strive for.

This is from her blog:
A good day is when:

1. I care more about people than things.

2. Quality time is spent with each member of my family.

3. My husband and I treat each other respectfully and feel like teammates.

4. I learn something new.

5. I do something for myself.

6. I eat well and feed my family well.

7. I realize my mistakes, but am not overwhelmed with guilt.

8. I don't focus on the tasks that need to be done, but rather my attitude while doing them.

9. I connect with at least one friend in a meaningful way.

10. I glorify God with my words, actions, and heart.

She got it right, didn't she? I am thinking of printing this out and reading it many times a day to remind myself what I should be striving for list.


momaof4 said...

Cute Family, who is so lucky to have a friend like her?

I am working on a post...SO much going on. It would be a ramble mess if I tried. But I will try.

creative fuel said...

i love that i want to print it out too what a great idea. thanks for sharing your peeping with me.

Duo Na said...

Alright Dee. It's been created and is ready for you to (maybe) enjoy. I love you!