Sunday, March 15, 2009

So the last week was busy. The school had their annual auction on Friday night. I had the privilege to work with some very talented ladies who put an amazing auction on. So Thursday I helped them set up (in the midst of trying to let my daughter feel loved on her birthday)and then Friday I helped blow up hundreds of balloons and do odd and ends. It was actually fun. But the most fun came that night at the auction.

Last year Ben and I wanted to buy a cow or half a cow and a piece of pottery at the oral auction. Pottery that is done every year by each classroom. We lost both last year and I was sad all year that I did not win. So this year we wanted to try again.

They did not do a cow this year. But they sold a 1/2 a pig. I was unsure if I wanted to go for the pig, we really wanted beef. But I couldn't contain myself and we did win that! WOOHOO.
Then it came to the 1st grade piece of pottery. I was prepared to pay any price this year and I only had to go to $400 before it was MINE! I am the proud owner of a cookie jar. Each student put their fingerprint on the jar and the lady at Create-A-Memory painted a picture that went with our theme, UP, UP, & AWAY! it is cute. Alicia's balloon is the red one. I am so happy to have this piece.

I also bought tickets for the trip to Hawaii. We lost that. Next was the drawing for the 50" television! I really wanted the TV to play Mario Kart with the four of us. :) They drew 5 names, those 5 people had to go up front and each were given a remote control to try their hand at turning off the TV! GUESS WHAT. I was one of the 5 pulled up front. I was so nervous, really excited! But I know I have very bad luck! I am thinking Ben should be up front. He has the luck! And guess what! I lost. :) O, well. At least I had a shot. I could have picked the right remote from the pile! O, well.

We ended up going home with a bunch of goodies. It was a good night and we had a lot of fun. So now we just wait for next year. We really do look forward to this every year. If any of you ever want to go just let me know and I can have an invitation sent to you. It really is a lot of fun. They do a silent auction, dinner and an oral auction, with drawings and fun in between it all. Next years theme is Route 66. Can't wait to see their plans for this!


The Theisen Twosome said...

It sounds like it was a lot of fun this year. I am glad that you got the cookie jar and for a pretty good price compared to other years. It is too bad there wasn't the beef. Maybe next year I will go with you and Ben.

Duo Na said...

It's such a cute cookie jar. I'm thinking we'll try and go next year too. I really was surprised by all the good stuff they had this year. You gotta give props for me to the people who were able to get the stuff for the auction. They did a great job. Tell them they should do it again for next year's auction. :o)

momaof4 said...

I hope it went well!! Over all, not just for you. :) tee, hee.

Love the jar. It's super cute. And something Alica will love having as she gets older.

February Jill said...

I love that jar! What a fun piece with good memories to go along!

We're excited for Saturday night, see you soon!