Friday, March 20, 2009

Collin Robert

So I am an aunt again! It was a great morning with lots of excitement but I will just tell you that she had a 9 pound 21 inch little boy this morning and I got to hold him. He is beautiful. I think my son was in love as well. He wants to go back to the hospital to hold him again. O, and his face has cookie all over it. Grammy always brings "grandma" cookies from Costco to give out to the visitors. It is tradition, and one most kids look forward to.

I am so proud of both Rachel and Danny. It was probably not quite what they had imagined but they made it through and look good, in fact they look very happy.


Duo Na said...

You beat me to putting the pictures up! After we left I realized I hadn't gotten one of me holding him. But I did get one of Anna holding him. He is SO cute!

creative fuel said...

how exciting. congrates.