Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a new baby around these parts SOON

I am about to be an aunt again! My sister-n-law Rachel will have her baby boy any day now. I am excited, really really excited. When my last niece and nephews were born I was still able to have babies and during some of their births I WAS pregnant. Except for little Cameron and he was born when my miscarried baby would have been due. I think I may have distanced myself from his babyhood a bit. I was very excited for his birth, I mean I beat his mommy to the hospital, but there was a bit of sadness to it for me. Anyway, with this little one I know I will never have a baby again, not even a chance, so this special baby boy I am excited to touch and cuddle. This baby is a part of my family but a baby I can give back to his loving mommy and daddy. It is time for another baby around the Wilson's house.

Poor Rachel! I may exude too much excitedness for her baby. I thought she had a doctors appointment today and called her a few hours after I thought it was over. The appointment is tomorrow. So maybe I will call her again this time tomorrow. Poor Rachel, but it is only because I love her and Danny. And I am so excited to see them becoming parents. They will make great parents too!


Duo Na said...

If her baby is born today, last night we discussed she should go with the name "Happysaint Patrick." She should at least go with the name I picked "Jeremy Patrick." It'd only be fitting to have the name Patrick on St Patrick's Day. He'd have his own holiday.

Last night, I also tried making loud, startling noises to her stomach. I was hoping to scare him out, but I think my efforts might have made him decide to stay put.

Duo Na said...
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momaof4 said...

You alway's said they were the best Aunt and Uncle, becuase the didn't have kids and were more then willing to watch yours. NOW you can do it back. I think some of the best A and U are ones that have already been there done that, and know what to do too!!!

You will be great! Can't wait to hear the good news!

You can't ever to TO excited!!