Wednesday, March 18, 2009

there is a date~


My next nephew has a date to start his venture out of his mommy's body and into the cold waiting world.

I am going to have let you all know right now that us Wilson's are a weird bunch. When it comes to babies we like to be there for the whole thing. From minnute one until that darling baby comes out. I am not sure why, maybe because we love each other and we love to support each other.

Tomorrow night they will start to ready her body and hopefully sometime Friday afternoon/evening we will have a new baby around here. I had told Alicia that she could be there for the birth but she has a hot date with my mom. My mom is taking her shopping and having a sleep over with her Friday night. I am sad she is going to miss the excitement but I am so happy there will be a baby around. So now I am trying to figure out how I will deal with a little boy after preschool Friday and how we will handle this all if for some reason she has not had her baby by Saturday. Babys should not be born during tax season.

O, and by the way, it is SUNNY out!

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Duo Na said...

I'll have to call for an update after my class tomorrow night. If things are moving along, I might just head to Stayton instead of heading home. This is pretty exciting. I hope it goes really fast for her.

Also, Bev wanted me to tell you about her blog too. She said it'll give you another blog to read if you're feeling bored.