Monday, March 9, 2009

Too Much

So I opened the door this morning to take the kids to school and actually physically stepped back, sucked in air, loudly I may add, and said AHHHHHH! It was snowing. I knew it might. I had checked throughout the morning but with the temperature at 35 I had given up. But it snowed, stopped, and is now snowing AGAIN! I love snow. LOVE IT!!!!

But I am hoping it stops in a few days and spring, no summer, comes! This weekend is the Christian Schools auction and with set up consisting of carrying things from cars to buildings I am thinking clear skies might be a plus.

So, do you think is too much to ask for snow for three days and then 70 degree summerlike days for the next two. :)

Also my sister-in-law is due this weekend. Do you think I can also ask for her to wait until the following Monday?

I am thinking I may be asking for too much.


momaof4 said...

Ummm, maybe the baby part? I do love the snow falling, something peaceful about it. Though Renae said she wants it to be summer, She is tired of the cold. :)

creative fuel said...

yes there is a serenity that falls over everything when it snows i like snow as it looks pretty and i am snug in the house with whole family with me no where to go . but lets face it how often does that happen. so i have now decided i dont like snow anymore i have seen the same snow sitting on the side of the road and covering my lawn for months now. it is dirty .. new snow does have a blanket of serenity though...