Monday, March 30, 2009


I would love to be a travel agent. I think there might not be anything as cool as that. I am always trying to figure out our next vacation because I actually ENJOY the planning. We took Ben's parents to WDW (which I planned for 2 years) and we knew we wanted to take my parents on a vacation as well. My dad is not the Disney type so we decided on Yellowstone June 2010. Once my sister heard she also wanted to go with us. So I have been planning our trip the last few days. There is so much to see and really not enough time to see it all. We will have to go back sometime. So far we will be gone 9 nights but 2 will be the traveling there and home.

We don't want this to be expensive but the Yellowstone area is not known for being cheap. So I have spent a lot of time at different forums trying to figure out the best bang for our buck, while still getting the best Yellowstone experience. I think I have finally figured out where we stay. May 1 the places in Yellowstone park open for reservations for the following year. They fill up fast so I knew I needed to get this nailed down before the end of April. At this point we will stay 3 nights outside the North Entrance, 1 night in Cody (east of the East Entrance), 2 nights in the Old Faithful area and 1 night south of Yellowstone in the Jackson Hole area. This is all on the hope that I can get my wanted lodging, which I should since I am booking so far in advance. After our lodging is booked it will be trying to make sure we find the coolest things to do and best places to eat.

Really there is not much that makes me feel as good as planning a vacation.


Duo Na said...

About stinkin' time. ;o)

I think you'd make a great travel agent too. I'm looking forward to using your services once you make a leap and start doing it. I'm also looking forward to when you plan our Disney pressure. :o)

KLB said...

I think some Travel agents can work from their home. You could totally do it!

I loved Yellowstone. We just drove threw one day. We seemed to miss the bears at every stop. I hope you can see bears and moose!
Can I borrow the Bee book? Will you bring it April 11th?

Manoj Sharma said...
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momaof4 said...

So, just in case....there is a camp group justEast of Jackson Hole that you could camp at. :) Tee, hee!!!

It was the only place we woke up to FROST on our tents on that Bike Trip. Brrrrr!!!!

It sounds great! Can't wait to live through all your trips :)