Monday, December 27, 2010

December, a look back

I love Christmas. I love the month leading up to it with all the shopping, baking, parties, fun dates, etc. We did so much and I did not take pictures of it all. I am therefore going to just pick a few highlights. December 18th we had the Wilson Christmas! I love this day. Sometimes I like "away Christmas" better just so we can do our Wilson Christmas Day. We travel to each families house and spend just enough time eating something yummy that family has made. It's fun to see how each family decorates their house adn tree and eat something they have made. We started at 9 in the morning and after visiting each house, ended back at Gordon and Martha's house for stockings and the traditional Wilson Christmas breakfast for linner. It's good times, if a bit noisy and chaotic.
The Wednesday before Christmas my sister's family came down and spent the night at our house. That was an unexpected treat for the kids. They don't see their cousins too often so it's fun for them to get together.
Thursday night Ben and I went out on a date. We always try to go on a date in December. Usually we go to dinner and watch a movie but this year there wasn't a movie I was dying to see. We went out to Caruso's in Keizer and had a very yummy, romantic dinner. We then went to Keizer station for some Christmas shopping. It was a low key evening but one of our best dates.
Christmas Eve Ben had off this year. We went and saw Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I loved this film. I thought it was better then then the first two. I cried. When we got home I started reading The Silver Chair, book 4 in Publication Order, to them. I have always wanted to read this series to them but they had never been interested. Ethan must be at a better age because he wanted me to and they are both loving it.
As I write some of the highlights of the month I am reminded just what an awesome month we had. We tried to drive home to our kids just how blessed we are. We have amazing friends, a house we love, plenty of food, and this time of year it is nice to remember that God sent his son to earth as a human. A roll I would not want to take on if I was God. He then died for our sins so we can spend eternity in His presence! What an amazing gift.

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KLB said...

December has flown by. I need to do a recap myself! I have been so bad about blogging