Friday, February 10, 2012

"rain rain go away"

I used to love Oregon and the rain. Now I find myself wishing I lived anywhere else but here. It makes me depressed and I get that feeling of being trapped. Every year in February there is a week of sun followed by WEEKS or MONTHS of rain. I knew this rain was coming after the great sunny week we had but I was still thrown by how annoyed it makes me. So can you guys remind me of the good things about rain? Just leave me a comment stating your favorite thing the rain brings or does for you. I need some reminding before I go completely MAD.


godizlife said...

I can remind you of how the rain sounds on the tent trailer the metal roof the pitter patter clinky sound on it. that rain means less forest fires, beautiful flowers come spring, takes any dust out of the air, it is warmer than 9 degrees!,you dont have animals to worry about going out in the rain, you have a wonderful roof over your head to protect you from said rain.I just asked Kris what he thought and he said "it washes away filth,dirt". oh and if it is raining most likely you wont be outside doing yard work. lol

KLB said...

I am usually ready for it right after summer. But February is my month of I hate rain. I am so ready for sunshine and blue sky. I would rather have it cold and sunny than rainy!