Thursday, April 26, 2012

going ons

*My sister called me today. Twice in one week! It made my day. We talked about traveling around Europe and our future visit to see her family in Germany. So many places to visit! **My kids started swim lessons on Tuesday. Alicia whined all the way there about taking time away from homework and reading. I mean seriously! She now she looks forward to it. Smiles the entire time. I meant to take my camera today and totally forgot. ***We have had Ben home for dinner every night this week. The kids stick pretty close to him once he walks in the door. After a month of him being gone when they wake up and asleep when he comes home it had been nice. ****I didn't run for 9 days last week. Sunday I had a migraine the likes I haven't had for 6 1/2 years. So I went back to running this week. My body feels good when I excercise. I just hate running in the rain and wind. It was a treat to run this week in the sun.


godizlife said...

I enjoyed our talk too. It is strange chatting with someone so late at night. I am a night person -but not necessarily a chatty night person.. lol. anyways great talk. so much to prepare for.

KLB said...

Love the update! I love you friend!

Alyssa said...

Haven't been on blogger in forever. SO glad your blog is the first I went to. Miss seeing you like before and so glad all is well with you guys. I'd love to hear more about your running and weight loss. Great job. (Are you on FB yet?) ;)