Sunday, June 24, 2012

First week of Summer

The first week of summer was a good one. We kicked it off by heading camping on Friday after the kids got out of school. We were able to go to Detroit Lake and stay in the group site with 4 other families. The kids love this day and it is always nice to get away with friends and catch up. The weather was actually really good and one of the dads set up a rope swing over the lake that the kids loved. They also got to go fishing and ride bikes. It was a very nice weekend and I hope we do it again next year. Then through the week the kids got to have cousins visit, go to a dollar movie at Lancaster 11, go to the library, play tether-ball in our back yard, Ethan went on a date with his daddy, their Papa took them fishing and swimming for the day, they got to see Brave Friday afternoon at our local theater (very funny movie) and then have a cousin spend Saturday day/night so we could take her, along with our two, to Camp Tadmor Sunday. I think our summer started off fairly good, don't you? They are waiting for Papa to pick them up. So excited to go catch some fish! Ready for Camp! Ethan seemed a bit nervous about camp but he is with his best buddy and they seem to be doing just fine!

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