Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot summer days of 2012

The kids have been wishing all summer that they had a pool. Instead we have been giving them a bag of water balloons almost every hot day. We started out with a couple of bags and then went back and bought more and then finally the last time we were at the Dollar Tree we bought 13. It is the best dollar spent. The kids get hours of fun out of one bag. When Ben gets home he plays a game where he takes turns throwing the balloons to them and then they get to try and hit their sibling. :) It's pretty fun to watch because half the time they don't catch them and when they do they usually pop in a few seconds.
Alicia missed the balloon Ben tossed at her. Bummer!
Great shot Ethan!! Love the water flying off her.
OOPS broke as Alicia caught it.


KLB said...

Those kids need bathing suits! LOL! We got a slip and slide and when I hooked it up the water wasn't going in the direction of the slide part. So back to the pool! LOL!

red-headed Wilson's said...

They have way too many suits but in the evenings when Ben comes home it's not as hot. :) Plus water fights usually just happen without much planning around here. :)