Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's killing me

I hate driving. Have a crazy fear/hatred of it. Will not drive on I-5, really try to avoid even going to Salem.

I would love to take my daughter to Disneyland when the boys head to hunting camp the last weekend in August for just a few days. But the plane tickets/transportation from airport to hotel is too much. I know if I was brave enough to just drive down and back I would have a better chance at swinging it but I am not brave. I am a coward. It's killing me that I let fear get in the way of doing things I really want to do.

I know I took out a chunk of that fear when I got my licence 4 years back and I know I am a little more confident about driving but I still cling to my fear. Sometime I am going to have to take a swing and knock some more fear off my back! It is not Godly. It is not healthy.

So there you have it. Fear is what I need to work on.


Duo Na said...

Omg! We should TOTALLY drive down to Disneyland this year!! I can ask my parents to watch the boys and I'll help with the driving so it won't be so bad! Seriously!!!

Carla Renée said...

Good for you, Dee for admitting your fear and wanting to work on it. Keep taking it to the Lord and don't beat yourself up. ;)

I hope you girls do get to go with your girls, that would be awesome for all of you! :)

momaof4 said...

I would go with you....if D didn't have soccer...YOU can do it girl. Take a few drives North and then turn around, practice will take that fear away!!!