Thursday, August 5, 2010

What does a 15 year old know of love

In 1992, eight years before I married Ben, I read a poem in The Return To Zion, by Bodie Thoene, that I loved. I loved it so much that I wrote it in my journal. Today is a big day and I knew this day deserved a special post. I knew I had to find that poem. I hadn’t read it since I put it in the journal but I remember it was all about love and would be perfect for today. So I went page by page through the journals and found it.

10 years ago today Ben and I got married in a little church in Creswell. It was a hot day but it was perfect.

Here is that poem I loved as a 15 year old:

There are pools that do not reflect the sky,
There are stars that are not diamonds,
There are sunsets that do not inflame the imagination,
But there is no look deep into your eyes
That does not make my heart beat faster
And my breath come quicker.

There are drinks that do not quench thirst,
There are meals that are not feasts,
There is sleep that does not refresh,
But there is no embracing you,
no touch from you that does not fill my heart with love,
my soul with peace.

There are songs that strike no responsive chord,
There are poems with images that fail,
There are love stories whose partners find no counter part in us,
But there is no “all-surrounding,” “lost without you,” LOVE in all the world for me
. . .but yours.

As an adult I am not in love with that poem as I was as a teenager that never knew what love was. I am not really a poetic person and this is a bit corny for me today. BUT there is an underlying truth to it that I feel with Ben. He can still bring feelings out of me 10 years later that no one will ever do. He still brings me laughter and fills my heart with love and peace. I still love when he holds my hand or looks at me with his blue eyes.

I have had a pretty great 10 years with Ben. Here is to 60 more!

I love you babe!


Duo Na said...

I am a corny person who loves poems and I think it's a beautiful poem. :)

Happy Anniversary!!

Matt said...

Happy Anniversary! What did you decide to do to celebrate?

God Made Playdough said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :) (It was a hot day! :))
p.s. Did you get my comment on my post about the beach? :)