Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another first today

Alicia got 4 little braces today! She also got spacers so next week we go back and they will add bands. She will have her teeth worked on for the next 30 months and, hopefully, sometime in 5th grade have everything taken off and have beautifully straight, perfect teeth.

This was the first time at this building so they walked us through each area and what Alicia will do at each appointment. Then then took xrays, pictures and molds of her teeth. She then got the braces put on.
Can you see the little key ring thing she is holding? That is all the colors she could choose from! there were SOOOO many. I wasn't back there when she chose so I was surprised by her choice. Hot pink. They look so cute on my little girl.
It was all very fast.

She is now in a bit of pain. She is hungry but doesn't want to eat. Poor thing.


The Theisen Twosome said...

She needs or needed a milkshake.

momaof4 said...

WOW, they are starting them so early. I didn't get mine till JH and they moved in High School. How do they know that won't happen...curious.
Lots of Tylenol before the appointments and after - well, not that much I guess :)

Duo Na said...

Can't wait to see her show them off. :)

And yeah, tylenol helps a lot.