Thursday, September 23, 2010

The last weekend in august

For the last 3 years Ben has taken Ethan to "hunting camp" the last weekend in August. His family hunts so they go and Ben takes Ethan and they camp. Ethan LOVES it. This year he got to shoot a BB gun and had a plastic bow and suction arrows that he used. He had a grand time.

But this post is not about that. As some of you remember I have posted over the last years about looking for fun things to do while Alicia and I are left behind. We have watched movies, did our nails, ate candy, and other girly things. This year Alicia and I headed up north with the boys on a Thursday and got dropped off at PDX. We caught a plane and headed to Disneyland!
We got there in the late afternoon. We didn't go into the parks that night but the next morning we headed out and were there at gate opening. I took Alicia on the Indiana Jones ride first off and that ruined the rest of the trip for me. She was scared to death. TO DEATH. She did not want to do any big rides after that.
I can't remember every detail but I do know Friday was very hot. We were wilting. It was miserably hot. (O, and the crowds were insane, i.n.s.a.n.e!) Come early evening Alicia was beat. That should have been a sign to me. We didn't stay for fireworks because Alicia just wanted her bed. That night she woke up sick. (puking and fever) The next morning she was still feeling pretty poor. We did head back out next morning and stayed to have our scheduled lunch at the Blue Bayou. I was impressed with the place but Alicia was clueless. After lunch we went back to the hotel for a nap. Alicia was really not feeling well. I felt so bad for her because she wanted to make me happy but she really only wanted to ride the train around and around the park. After our nap we went back and did a few rides and shopped and we made it to the fireworks show We then rushed back to our room and bed. Poor Alicia. By the end of the trip we rode the jungle cruise, the train, and Buzz Light Year numerous times. We also ate some amazing things in just two days. YUMMY things.
Sunday morning we woke up and she was feeling much better but today was the day we were taking a plane home.
As we checked in at the airport I went to take my cell out of my pocket as we we went through the scan and realized it had fallen out in the shuttle bus! I was anxious as Ben was picking us up on his way home from hunting camp. We weren't sure exactly what time he was coming so I had to borrow some cell phone and use some pay phones. It was very annoying.
Ben did finally meet up with us and we headed on home. The next day the kids started school so I was anxious to get the kids home cleaned and ready for a school day.
We didn't really have a great time. We did make some memories and we did bond but it was not fun. But Ben and I had agreed on the girls taking this trip because Alicia and I needed some time together without fighting. That was accomplished.
(Ali is her nickname down in Creswell. We took this picture for my mom.)


momaof4 said...

Oh poor thing, she even looks like she is not well. I'm glad your back to blogging

Duo Na said...

Sad to say but I'm glad we didn't go with you two. ;)