Monday, May 21, 2012


I have been back from Hawaii about a week, and already want to figure a way to get back. While I was irritated that home had great weather while we were gone I am more irritated that I am home now in rain. I want me some Hawaiian sun. I may have to write/post a few days at a time. So many pictures. We (our family and some family friends who have 4 kids) flew out Friday morning for Hawaii, the Big Island and got there about noon leaving us the day to get our cars, supplies, find our resort and swim in the pool before dinner. This Island is covered in lava and not quite the Hawaiian look we (Ben and I) were expecting. Still gorgeous though. On Saturday we stuck close to home base and found a place to snorkel-I think it's called Two Step Beach. It ended up being the best beach for snorkeling but it's not really a beach. It's all lava rock right into the water.
We all tried snorkeling here. The younger ones may not have liked it as much as the adults and Ethan probably the least. He was more content to play in the tidepools. After snorkeling we headed to lunch and then went to Greenwell Farms Coffee Farm. They take you on a tour of the farm teaching you about the different steps in to take a coffee bean to a coffee drink. They also explained what makes Kona Coffee so famously yummy. There are also a lot of other fruit trees on the property so we also got information about those
The kids were all dragging their feet to go here but it ended up being a hit. We then headed to get our first shave ice of the stay. YUMMY.

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