Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

I love that Memorial Weekend is kind of the unofficial kick off to summer and our weekend felt like the perfect start. Friday Ben took off early to come to the schools assembly to see Alicia (and a few other school mates) get an award for leadership.
Alicia is in the front row second in from the right in pink. She didn't know she was getting an award so it was a surprise to see us there. We then took Ben's parents out to dinner and a little side trip to see a building downtown Salem that we may be interested in. Saturday we worked in our yard in the morning and then headed into town to run errands and get lunch. The yard work was pretty large scale. The lady who lived here before planted everything she could get her hands on. I felt bad ripping out perfectly fine plants but they were all so close they were stunting the growth of each other. So we tore bushes and plants out and then decided we had to also take out the weed barrier as it was just sewn with ground covering. I can't stand having every inch of the garden covered.
I wish I had gotten pictures before we started. But you get the idea. We could only get a quarter of what we needed done as even after we filled our yard debris can we made piles on the side of our house too. I love walking out of my house now and seeing fresh bark with just a few bushes and the maple tree. Just a few more weekends and the front yard might get under control.
SO much nicer. When we were out running errands we went to Lowes and grabbed some raspberry and strawberry plants to go with the blueberry plants we got last month. Those went in our backyard. In a few years it will be so nice to just walk outside and have berries. Saturday evening we rented Captain America for the kids. They had seen Avengers and wanted to know more about each character. They liked Avengers better. :) Sunday Ben took Alicia on her date for the month. They headed to Portland so she could visit Voodoo Doughnuts. Ethan and I made a visit to Shivers. Then that afternoon some friends of Ben's invited us and another family over for a traeger BBQ cookoff. That was great fun and really yummy. Ben and I were also lucky enough to score the meat leftovers!!! Monday we took the leftovers down to my parents house and were pleasantly surprised when my uncle and cousin were there. I haven't seen them in MANY years so it was nice to see and hug them.
Alicia also got to learn how to use my moms old sewing machine. Mom gave it to me years ago but I don't sew. Alicia is taking a quilting class this summer adn has to know how to use the machine. So we took it down and mom helped her figure it all out. I have no desire to sew but am excited that Alicia is showing an interest. We then took the kids to SPLASH! in Springfield. They love the wave pool there.
We sat far away so they are not the most clear pictures.

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