Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ethan's "itchy"

When Alicia was born her great grandmother crocheted her a blanket. She never took to it but when Ethan came along it found it's calling. Ethan took it everywhere. To church, to friends houses, on vacations. It has seen a lot. It is not soft and the colors are a bit girly but he loves that thing. He calls it "itchy." But about a year ago it got to the point that we couldn't really patch it up anymore. It's not like fabric where you can patch it, it's yarn that unravels. I have told Ethan he can have the blanket as long as he wants but I am done fixing it and when it's gone it's gone. Right now it has separated into two pieces. I also find small pieces of yarn all over the house. It's sad but it has gone 8 years.

 ***********So this post is to itchy********* 

  This is Halloween 2005, itchy is in his lap

Early 2008, itchy at his face.

This is hunting camp August 2011. Itchy is in the blue bag at his feet


Duo Na said...

Itchy!! I'd give Ethan the one she made for Zach if he'd like. I know it's not the same, but at least it's a boy color and it's not gotten much use. :/

KLB said...

3Both of my girls have "lovey's". They are the little blankets with the heads....have you seen them. Abby doesnt need hers as much not, she still has it, but once binky was gone she didn't require it any more. Now Ruby has one too. She has become pretty attached! Both have gotten pretty nasty!