Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summer Plans 2013

Been awhile. So we are about 3 months from summer and I am finalizing summer plans. Initially we were planning on visiting my sister in Germany and then I would also get to spend a week in the London area and some time in Paris. But when my sister's family came back to the states our family took a vote on whether we still wanted to visit Europe or do a road trip. Well 3-1 road trip won. I will have to see London on some other trip. I was pretty bummed about it for MONTHS!! But the more I think about it it might be better for the kids to be older when we go see some of those amazing places. So we are heading on a 3 week road trip. We will head South through Idaho into Utah, then into Arizona onto New Mexico finally finishing up in Texas. From there we will head West through New Mexico, Arizona, peak into Nevada and onto California before we head North home. I am getting very anxious to start this trip. So many cool places to see along the way. We will visit 5 National Parks, 3 National Monuments, visit one of the BEST waterparks in the US, visit Sea World and San Diego Safari Zoo, see a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas, put our hands together at the corners of 4 states, go sledding on the white sands in Alamogordo, see Pueblo living at Sky City and visit my Great Aunt Mildred while in San Diego. There is so much more too. I am excited. So even though I do not get spend Bastille day in Paris I do get to spend our Independence Day in Park City, Utah and I won't get to see castles in Great Britain but I do get to see some of the most glorious landscapes God created. Should be a spectacular time!

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Duo Na said...

You are going to have a great trip! Don't forget to post pictures along the way. :)