Thursday, August 20, 2009

About time . . . camping on the Southern Oregon beach

So we left Friday morning, a couple weeks ago now, and meandered down to a cabin I reserved at a State campground back in April. First, we stopped and got ourselves a Jamba Juice!!! I had found buy one get one free coupons and Alicia was all over that. This was a HUGE treat for the family. The last time we went there was when Ben was working extra hours at H&R. Yep that long ago. I am a full fledged Jamba Juice lover now though! I could have one every day and it is a good thing we do not live close to one.
Anyway, along the way, we stopped for lunch, rest stops and boat docks to stretch our legs and got there about 2:00 pm. It was a great place. I want to go there every summer. Ben isn't so sure he wants to drive that long drive every summer though. We'll see who wins.
The kids loved the ride because we rented some Nancy Drew books on CDs, from the library, and they run about 3 hours long. We listened to one the way there and one on the way home. Made for fast traveling.

The cabin was great. This cabin had a double bed and bunk beds. It worked very nicely for us. And for $35.00 a night it was GREAT! We could see the ocean from our fire pit and there was a little forest for the kids to climb trees right beside our spot.
Sadly the picture is supposed to show the ocean but it just shows a lighter area. Just IMAGINE you can see the beautiful blue ocean through the trees.

We went to the light house a mile away, checked out a fish hatchery, played on the beach, and just enjoyed ourselves. Here are some random pictures. The first is Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Rich with history. The others just the "kids" goofing off on the beach.

It now feels like summer is officially over. Our last summer family plan is done and I am ready to send the kids back to school.

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KLB said...

What a great place for a great deal! We went camping once this year, but want to make it a tradition. I need to get that number from you. Hey....Chex makes gluten free cereal!