Monday, August 3, 2009

Charles Martin is my favorite, so very good

I have read many many books over the years. I started to read ferociously as a child. I remember as a child thinking if I could be forgotten and locked away in a bookstore that would be the greatest thing in the world. My grandmother would give me gift certificates to book stores for presents. I was the kind of kid that loved that. So it makes sense that over the years I have read many different authors in many different genres. Sometimes I go through spurts where I read everything a particular author has written sometimes I read a lot in a certain genre before switching to another. I have favorites that have stood over time. But today I finished a book that has jumped one of my favorite authors to my all time favorite. It isn't that this book was better then his others but it is more that this book is as good as his others. He is consistent. Each book is different from the others. Most authors write and after awhile those books all sound the same. Martin's books are rare. They are special. Charles Martin is the best author I have read to date. I know reading is personal, we all have different reasons we read, styles we like, reasons we choose to read what we do. But I think you all should run out and read everything he has written. I love his books. I love his writing style.

I just finished Chasing Fireflies. By page 39 I was crying. He has that kind of control on his writing. In 39 pages he had me connected to his characters and able to feel with them.

He has also written, When Crickets Cry, The Dead Don't Dance, Maggie, Wrapped in Rain, and Where the River Ends.


The Theisen Twosome said...

I think this will my next book to read. I read the description on borders and it sounds very good. Thank you for the author suggestion

momaof4 said...

Okay off to find it!!!!

February Jill said...

We read this book last summer in our book club and pretty much all loved it. I love how he makes you feel the stickiness of the South.

God Made Playdough said...

I've never heard of him, thanks for the tip! I've looking for new ones to read but there are soooo many choices out there, it's nice to know which ones are good!