Friday, July 31, 2009


When I think of summer I always have a fleeting thought of camping. It is not what I want to do all summer but I have to go at least once. As a child, camping was the "roughing" it way. But, as an adult, I do not want to rough it. But my kids want to the experience, so we compromise. In about a week we are heading to a state campground and staying in a small cabin, last year it was a yurt. It still has communal bathrooms, fire pits, sleeping bags, but I get a roof that will not leak and a mattress!!!

Anyway I am trying to think of some good recipes that I can do most of the prep at home and then cook fast onsite. I am leaning towards kabobs and potato foil packets for one dinner and then hotdogs and potato salad for another dinner. But I would love some other ideas. What do you do for camping dinners? I want easy, easy to prepare and easy to clean up. I have checked websites but I want the foods my friends and family make that have been tried and are make agains.

Do you have any other camping family secrets?


The Theisen Twosome said...

When we went camping my friend Jen made these Hawaiian chicken packets in foil and they were so good. I think we marinaded the meat in a teriyaki type sauce. Then at the campsite she put a little bit of rice on the bottom then the chicken pieces, pineapple, green peppers, and onions. They were really good. I will ask her for the recipe though. So you know exactly how she did it.

red-headed Wilson's said...

That would be great!

momaof4 said...

We do beef stroganoff....easy.
Cook the meat before we leave and then it is just two pots. and good

rhullet said...

I do fajitas. I cook the chicken before I leave and all I have to do is slice peppers and onions and heat on stove.