Thursday, July 9, 2009

SYTYCD or "So You Think You Can Dance"

Summer may mean the ending of a lot of our favorite television shows but it means the beginning of one of my favorite seasons. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I really don't care for reality shows about dance or singing or skating. They bore me. So I was surprised to really fall in love with SYTYCD a few years ago. Last night was the night where the 12 dancers, down from 20, dance to see who will make the Top 10. I picked two favorites the first night, Evan and Caitlin. To me they seemed to have good stories and I liked their styles of dance. I am afraid though that they both could be going home tonight. I liked their personalities but last night the other contestants showed much more skill. The very last dance of the evening was so good I even rewinded my DVR to see it again, never done that before. It was two thieves about to steal some jewels and was really really well done. I think it was so good because I don't really like the guy, Brandon. I didn't think he was that good. BUT I was WRONG. He is very talented, just doesn't have that personality I can grab onto.

Anyway I am going to be sad to see my favorites go but I don't think they are the best dancers. :( Sadly I don't think many of the guys this season or worthy of staying. The young ladies are much better. (That is a switch from last year when I thought the guys were much stronger.)


The Theisen Twosome said...

I hear you about personalities this year. There isn't someone that I am just rooting for because I like them so much. I do like the girls better. I think they are all really good dancers though. I like Janette. I think Brandon is a great dancer but I don't like his personality. I think Ade is great too. It will be interesting to see how they dance with new partners. I love this show. There is a new season starting in the fall. :)

KLB said...

Well, I am not in to SYTUCD and I can't really give you a hard time about it since I am in love with The Real Housewives trach TV, but so goood! Oh! and I love ANTM (Americas Next Top Model) he he he