Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Laundry all day

So we bought our Washer/Dryer set about 4 years ago. Yesterday we had a repair man look at our dryer and he said it would cost about $450 for parts, not including the labor! He suggested we buy a new dryer. I could have cried. We bought an expensive set at the time hoping it would last longer then this! We even bought the pedestals so they sit higher and we have that storage. Last night, while the kids were at VBS, we went to Salem. The bad news was that there would be NO dryer that would fit that pedestal! NONE. And then the other bad news are dryers are not cheap! I cannot get over the fact that we had to make a large purchase that we had not planned on. I am not in a good mood.

The delivery guy asked if I was excited about a new dryer. I had to say no. And now I get to catch up on all the laundry that I haven't done.


Duo Na said...

You mean you didn't use this wonderful heat as an alternative for drying your clothes?? ;o)

We had to make a big & unexpected purchase today too. Well, we knew it was coming but were just hoping it wouldn't and this morning it did. Levi's laptop crashed so I took the kids to Best Buy to go get him a new one, since he asked me to. In the parking lot, Cam said, "Daddy" and there was a car that looked like his. I told him no it just looks like his car, but sure enough inside we saw Levi. Guess he wanted to do it himself afterall. Anyway, to put an end to the Donna story.....we bought a laptop today and hadn't planned on it (today anyway).

The Theisen Twosome said...

It is really doesn't make sense that it cost more to get parts and have it fixed then it does to get a new machine. Well I hope that you end up enjoying your new dryer.

February Jill said...

Oh I remember when you bought that set I thought they were so beautiful! Bummer.