Tuesday, July 21, 2009

29 weeks

Nope, not pregnant. :)

I started the year off with a goal to read one book a week, making 52 books read by the end of the year. I also began that journey commenting on my blog about the books I was reading. This soon ceased as I was getting comments that my dear readers would like less information on books. (I have some non reader friends and family.)

But I got to thinking about where I am with my goal. So I looked at a calendar and figured I needed to have read about 29 books today, it is more accurately 28 books and then most of a 29th book. I then went and counted the books on my bookshelf, here on my blog, of the books I have finished. Guess what?! I have read, get this, 29 books!!! So I am right on. I actually thought I was going to be short a few books. I am doing it!!! I am past the half way point and I am feeling good about getting the goal done. I have a big stack of some interesting books to be read and I have others I want to get to.
How are your reading goals? Any good or interesting books you have read? Any books that you are interested in? I need to read 23 more books so I am still looking for a few good ones.


momaof4 said...


So I need to update my list, I read and move on..and forget to mark them down! :(

Oh, and I'm not one of those friends/family that doesn't like to hear about your books! Cause then I have a better idea of books I should be reading...so if you want to write a bit more, that's good with me :)

The Theisen Twosome said...

I think you should tell about books too. But you need to post about what is going on in your life too. A little bit of both.

God Made Playdough said...

I'm all for posting about the books too! Like Karen, I need ideas of what to read! Ryan gives me tons of nonfiction that I'm wading through, but I need some good fiction ideas! I asked for some ideas from some friends, but I got alot of suggestions that I've allready read or Christian romance ones, and I'm tired of those kinds. Great job on 29! I was acctually wondering the other day where you were. I'm way behind on mine. :( I'm hoping to rememdy that during vacation! :)

creative fuel said...

i like hearing about books too but i say the same you have to keep posting about kids . have you read the harry potter series that is 7 books right there. well anyways kris read black and red and green is coming out soon he enjoyed them. also he is reading a book now called neverwhere. anyways those are a few.