Sunday, July 26, 2009


So by now most of you have seen the amazing wedding entrance that was posted on youtube and then hit the morning show and then onto evening news. I know I have watched a few times myself. I love it. But it isn't only the feelings you get from watching the couple having fun with their friends and making a great memory but I love the song. And I got to thinking about youtube. One video gets posted, is watched MILLIONS of times and that one song is heard those MILLIONS of times. I hope that Chris Brown is selling a boat load of his song, "Forever". I know I am thinking of adding it to my ring tones. And I would love to add it to my itunes, if I had an ipod :)

The Internet is an amazing thing. It has helped me find my newest favorite song.


Duo Na said...

The video was cute & I like the song too. But you do know who Chris Brown is, right? :o)

creative fuel said...

thanks for sharing so much fun i wish i could go back in time and change so many things about my weddign everything but the groom!!