Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I must be desperate for summer not to be over. This week has been full of fun things, making it feel like I am trying to fit it all in before the kids go back to school. The kids had friends over Tuesday and Wednesday and we had friends over for dinner one night. Today we went with friends to Salem's riverfront park. Plus I made peach jam Wednesday and tomorrow Alicia and I plan to go to Enchanted Forest. Where did my summer go!

And while I am at it I should just admit something. I only did one month of summer school. :) I knew if I planned things out I would do great. So before school was out I made lesson plans. Well, I made lesson plans for 4 weeks. :) I figured I would just work on the next 8 weeks in June. NOPE. There just wasn't time and I just didn't want to spend summer making lesson plans. So this next school year I am going to work preparaing for next summer. I will have 9 months to work on it and it should really help me. I plan on doing the same thing as this summer. The 7 continents. There are plenty of countries to study and it was fun for the kids. But I will be buying what I need now and putting it away, I will be writing out what I want to teach each day and I will be looking for books that go along with each weeks lessons. That way when the time comes I can go to the library ready!


Carla said...

Hey Dee,

Happy Fleeting Days of Summer~~ENJOY 'EM! (I've been feeling the same way this week!)

I just have one question about your summer school 2010: What do I need to do to enroll my kids??? :)

Big hugs for you, sweet friend! :)

lizzabug said...

So impressed that you do summer school! Our summer school is reading and piano, that's about all I can muster :).

KLB said...

SUmmer has gone fast! at target there are great work books in the dollar area. I am already putting things away for preschool time. There are also great resourses at the Dollar Tree