Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wii remote on sale

At Dell today they have Wii remotes for $28.00, usually found from $35-$40. The kids have only had 2 player games until this Christmas when they will get Mario Kart so I need another remote! Happy to find this price!

Also there is a lego code floating around $5 off of $20. bsv29. I am waiting for a better deal because the set I need is $90.00 and the code just covers shipping. But I know some of you moms of boys are always looking at legos. :)


momaof4 said...

Thank you for this....Stock up on those remotes :) We had to buy a new numchuck as the boys were so rough with it. (but it came out of their piggy banks :))

HUGS friend

KLB said...

you have a Wii?? Thats a girls night right there! he he he