Monday, September 21, 2009


So the car was found in Salem. It was completely on empty. EMPTY. They took most of the stuff in the car, leaving Ben's baseball mitt and golf shoes though. They did No real damage to the car BUT they sprayed the inside and outside with who knows what. It was so no finger prints could be taken from the police. I guess the policeman that found the car said he could try to get a print but it was unlikely it would work on the spray and it would leave a real mess on top of the spray. So it has to be cleaned. They also kept the keys so it has to be rekeyed. Just a pain in the rear. Tomorrow it will go to the Acura dealership to start all that. So Ben gets to keep the rental a few more days it looks like. Ben is not sorry about that. He sprung to upgrade from our rental policy on our insurance and pay OOP $2.00 a day and got a brand new Ford 150. He loves it. LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT.

This is the truck minus the running board. BEAUTIFUL

He loves that truck so much we drove it to Salem Saturday to get some soccer shinguards for Ethan. We then found our way to the Oktoberfest. On Sunday we drove to Tillamook for some cheese and icecream and then went to Oceanside for some ocean time. It was a really nice weekend. Enterprise may be a bit surprised to see the mileage when they get that truck back.

Now we have to start looking to replace all Ben's golf clubs, sunglasses, and electric shaver. But really the most important are those golf clubs. :)

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