Thursday, September 3, 2009

one-on-one time

So last weekend was hunting camp for the Wilson clan, the males at least. Ben took Ethan last year and Ethan talked about it all year long. So even though Ben is not a hunter he takes his son and they have s great weekend together. This leaves Alicia alone with me for a weekend. It is a great bonding time. We went to the Enchanted Forest, watched movies, ate junk, did our toenails, made real lemonade for the first time, went to McDonald's for an American Girl toy, went to Grammy's and played card games with the aunts and kids left behind. It was a nice weekend. I look forward to this time alone every year with my little girl. I am trying to figure out what we can do next year that will be special. She has definitely outgrown the Enchanted Forest.
So this picture is of Ethan last year. And the next one is this years picture. He has just woken up at 2:40 in the morning and is in the van ready to head out on his adventure. He loves the waking up in the middle of the night almost as much as the entire weekend of fun. I love taking a picture at the same time and place every year. It is so fun to see how they change and grow.

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KLB said...

Next year you should go get pedicures! She would love that!