Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So my kids are back to school!

I love it. Ethan is in school until 11:30 so I actually have time this year to head into Salem before picking him up. Which is what I did today. I had two fluoride prescriptions to refill so I took those to RiteAid for the $25.00 gift cards you could get for transferring a prescription. Then I went to LifeSource and bought a few gluten free items. Then I went to pick up my prescriptions. The pharmacist said it would take half an hour. An hour and 20 minutes after dropping them off I finally walked out of the store with my fluoride and 2 $25.00 gift cards! Took forever but I figure $50 bucks is worth it.

And the the other thing I did today was a bad mommy moment! Most of the time when I get Alicia(They walk the classes down to meet us at the parking lot) I leave Ethan in the van with the door open. They go to a small school and so he is perfectly safe there. This year he has been going with me. So I got Alicia and started to walk away. I was about 30 feet from the school when it hit me that I did not have Ethan, at that same time I heard him screaming mommy and running after me. Thankfully the car that waited for Alicia and I to cross the parking lot also waited while Ethan chased after me! Gave me a heart attack. He was very hurt and I felt like a total loser mom, as everyone there saw my poor mommy moment.

So the kids are back to school.

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momaof4 said...

oh,my. if that is your poor mommy need to spend some time with me. It will make you feel better!!!

Ummm, guess who lives in Salem and who also has a child in school till 11:30 - 3 day's a week....
ME!! Let's do coffee or water or something!!!