Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Lazy lazy jane."

This morning my sister-in-law mentioned it had been a few days since my last post. Then as I was getting my mail I got to thinking of a post.

There is a stack of cards sitting on my counter. They will be sent tomorrow. If you have not gotten a Christmas card yet, hold tight. They are coming. I have not forgotten you. I am not purposely forgetting you.

I am lazy.

The cards I have sent are ones that their addresses were in my computer. The ones that will be sent tomorrow morning are the ones that I actually had to go find my address book or look up. I know "LAZY."

On another note, I am almost all done with Christmas presents!!! I just need a few stocking stuffers for my dad. That's it. I love not having to worry about it next week. Next week I plan to spend time with my kids making Christmasy things and drinking hot cocoa. No shopping.

How is your shopping going? O, and do you have ideas for stocking stuffers for my dad?


creative fuel said...

hum he is always hard but i was at cabelas and was able to get him some things there. reeds for hunting and little gadgets. you know if you were to go into the hardware store and just look you would find all kinds of things. hope you find what you need. i still need to ship your package. today!!along with all the other things that need to be done TODAY

momaof4 said...

Hope you found what you needed!!! Good for you to be all done. :)