Friday, May 7, 2010

"Mommy and Me Tea"

Today I had a date with my little boy. It was the "Mommy and Me Tea" that the Preschool and Kindergarten students do with their moms. We get dressed up and go to Deepwood Estates, learn manners, eat scones with tea, and then let the butterflies they have grown out in the beautiful gardens.

I have not been feeling very good all week and last night I was so afraid I wasn't going to be in good shape for the "date." But the tea they served was so perfect for my throat. I actually detest tea but this stuff was so good I had three little tea cups full. I also wrote the name down so I can buy myself some more, The Republic of Tea, Vanilla and Almond Black Tea. I actually felt fairly good this morning, again because of this blessed tea, but once I got home I wilted. I am telling myself that it is okay to be sick now so that in one month when we go on vacation I will be healthy.

It was a very nice day. It was the perfect way to kick of Mother's Day Weekend. :)


Duo Na said...

Love the picture of the butterfly on E-dawg. I hope you're feeling better soon. If I had realized you weren't feeling well, I would've found someone else to watch the boys yesterday. Sorry. :(

Alyssa and Ron said...

It was such a nice date wasn't it? I love it every year that I have been blessed to go. I will miss these days. Loved the butterfly on the face. Too adorable!!!

Sarah A. said...

he is a doll!

momaof4 said...

So fun. I love that you do that!!
I hope you feel better, have Ben get you some more tea!! Sounds like it's good for you.

HUGS my friend

God Made Playdough said...

Your poor boy!!!!!!! Why did you let that butterfly land on him??? I'm calling CPS! :) Torture!
I hope you feel better soon! Love you!