Thursday, May 27, 2010

So some of you have noticed it has been a bit since my last post. I haven't really been in the mood to be on the computer much lately. Maybe it's my new kindle, maybe it's too much going on in my head, maybe it's the time the computer takes away from my home duties, but I just haven't wanted to get on here much. :)

But I am good, the kids are busy with T-ball or baseball, I love my kindle---love it too much as I want to keep buying books.

Kim, or you out there? Are you going to France? If you are around Happy Birthday a few days early.

Okay I am OUT

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momaof4 said...

Kimmy said she was going....So I think she is gone?

Missed you! Come back to blogging...tell us what your reading and what you love about your Kindle thing :)