Tuesday, May 11, 2010

spring sports

We (we is used lightly, it is mostly Ben) have been busy with sports for the kids. Ethan wanted to play t-ball again this year and then Alicia decided she wanted to try out baseball. We thought that baseball would be like T-ball last year, it's not, so we signed both of them up. You have to put in community hours or pay more money to the league so Ben is Alicia's teams coach. They play games twice a week and practice one time a week. Ethan practices once a week and plays games on Saturday. So needless to say almost every day of the week has one of our kids with a ball and bat. The saddest thing is that the weather has not been cooperating. Alicia has been practicing for about 4 weeks but they just had their first game last night! And Ethan played his first game Saturday after their first two games got canceled as the teams did not show up! It has not been our best season for sports. The kids are tired of it already and ready to move on to soccer. But that isn't until fall.

Last night Alicia made us proud. The kids are allowed 5 pitches, after 4 they can ask for the T for the last pitch. Alicia was sure she would have to use the T but all 4 times up to bat she hit the ball on her own and she was a great second baseman. I wasn't sure how she was going to play but she was down right GOOD. It was nice to finally get a game in, even if it did sprinkle a bit at the beginning.

This last picture is mostly so you can check out the clouds! Those are some angry ones!


Duo Na said...

Yeah, those are angry looking clouds! We'll have to head out there for one of their games sometime soon. How long do they take?

momaof4 said...

Darren has said, No Spring Sports! Because of the crazy yucky weather in Oregon. He is a big fan of Fall sports (soccer :))