Thursday, May 6, 2010

Proud of my GIRL!

Last night was a big night for Alicia. She finished her third year in Sparks at Awana. She also made sure she finished her book a few weeks ago so she could get her third book plaque. She has gotten the ribbons for the first and second books but she really wanted a "plaque." She was so proud of herself so we made sure to make the day all about her hard work.

Only 3 kids got this award last night and only two were there to get them, Alicia and her good friend Brior.

The evening was almost ruined when I got to the Award ceremony and saw they had not put Alicia down for her third year award but for her second! So I had to go find the Commander and make sure they called her up and gave her the third year plaque. Thankfully Alicia never knew there was a hiccup.

Next year she will be in the older kids group, T&T, Truth and Training. I cannot believe she is getting so grown up. :) At least I still have my bubby, Ethan. He still has two Spark years left. He has to work this summer on finishing his first year book though. He doesn't have the work ethic his sister has. :) (These are the three Kindergarten cousins, Drew, Ethan and Anna.)

Excuse the pictures. Our church is so dark and it takes horrible pictures!


Duo Na said...

Yay for Alicia!! I'll have to email you the pics I got after Levi comes home with his camera. ;)

momaof4 said...

What fun!!! It's amazing how fast they grow up. Renae will be in Sparks next year, and I still remember going out to dinner with her and our friends!!