Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 12 was Alicia's 10th birthday. She has now hit double digits! I really wanted to put balloons all over our yard ever since I had seen a house in town do it. So I went and bought 20 balloons blew them up and connected them to plastic knives.
Now I should let you know that March 12 was Monday and was probably the windiest day we have had this year. Windy. VERY WINDY. So I put one out in the yard to see how it would do. A few hours later it had lost a bit of air but was otherwise just fine.
So half an hour before Alicia came home I started putting them all out in the yard. Within minutes they were popping and flying away. For some reason I picked the time where the wind picked up and the rain started. I tried to chase the balloons down but they were flying way up in the sky and in EVERY direction. I took a fast picture when I realized they were not going to last. Pathetic picture.

I then took the last 5 balloons left and moved them to our walkway hoping they would last. When Alicia got home ONE balloon was left. Not actually what I wanted her to see.


KLB said...

10! I can't believe it! I remember when she was a baby, and those little lungs were so loud. Congrats for surviving this long.....:)

Love ya!

godizlife said...

that is so funny i wish i would have been the little old lady across the street snickering at you. anyways you tried,pitiful as it was! lol sounded like a great idea, i will be stealing it in april hopefully it will work for me. did you show her the pictures of it? since the one balloon was so anticlimatic.. oh well big 10 . wow... has she started asking about makeup. 13 like us?