Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random thoughts

*Alicia's birthday is Monday. My baby turns 10. Surreal. She loves her new school but she just didn't feel like having a friend birthday party this year. She wanted a family one but this weekend was crazy for the extended family so my mom saved the day. She is coming to pick Alicia up and have her for the night. Some heavy spoiling is in store. Alicia also baked her birthday cake this morning. She will make the frosting and frost the cake tomorrow evening, when she gets home, for her birthday dinner Monday. She loves cooking and said this is what she wanted for her birthday.

*At the Stayton Christian School auction last night Ben and I won the tickets to Oregon Shakespeare Theater. Both the kids are planning on going to Tadmor this year and will be gone at the same time. So we intend to take off for a night and see a play!! I have been looking forward to this since we dropped Alicia off last year and realized that this year we would have a week without both of them.

*I have been very consistent in my running. I am feeling better and losing weight. I have been wondering why I didn't get my sorry bum out running sooner. I mean I hate running but afterwards I feel so proud of myself and I can see small changes already!! Well, it may not be all running as I have been really serious about watching what I am eating too. I am allowing myself one day off from running a week. I am debating if today is that day. Was planning on tomorrow but may swap them out. :)

*Our family trip to Hawaii is just 55 days away! We are spending the first part of our trip with friends on the Big Island! and the second half at Disney Aulani on Oahu! I am very excited about seeing some sun and feeling some heat.

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liked the update. thanks. i need to call dont i..