Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow pictures

I was up early this morning. Ben woke me up to tell me there was snow at 3:30 and I never went back to sleep. Finally went to the living room so Ben could sleep. Luckily my sister (who lives in Germany and a way different time zone) called me when she saw that I was up so that helped kill boredom until my kids got up.

She asked for pictures of my house. (Well technically she complained about my blog not having pictures like her cool blog. :)) So I went out today and took some pictures for her.

So the first picture was last weeks snow coming down. This is looking out my backdoor.

The bird house hanging on the little shop is a family favorite.

A few weeks ago a birdy couple moved in. We love watching those birds. Last year the couple had chicks and it was so fun to hear them and then see them. THANK YOU to the previous owners who left the house for the occupants. This mugshot is from today. Isn't he cute! But it's looking like I need to go out and clean the poor house. Can you see the small bit of snow still hanging on to the top left of his roof?
For this picture I actually went across the street and stood in the culdesac this morning to get this shot for my sister! Too bad I hadn't gone out sooner. Now the snow looks all smushy and wet.

And this picture is taken from our dining room this morning. We have the most amazing views out this window. Beautiful sunrises.

So the last two days it has really snowed the kids have had to go to school. But the last "snow day" they had, March 1, we went out and played in our yard. Alicia made a snowman and Ethan played for a bit with our neighbor boy. Then we headed over for a couple hours to a friends house.
The kids were very disappointed to wake up this morning and hear they had school. When they finally got ready for school they decided to walk and Alicia wore her snow boots and put her school shoes in her backpack. Seems weird that she is doing that in Oregon in March

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godizlife said...

THANK YOU love the pictures so neat you have some birdies. what a cute bird house. glad it gets used. our never seem to something must be just right about that one. or wait maybe it is becuase we always have cats at our house.. what a pretty home you have and the back yard is so adorable is that a firepit? and the little garden shed reminds me of a new version of moms. anyways you better get to planting get yourself some bushes and trees and beautiful flowers. lol wait until all the snow is gone ... today was sunny and again a glimpse of spring/summer. had to get that in.. thanks for posting.