Monday, March 5, 2012

People keep asking me how the running is going. I find this funny as I have only had the shoes 4 days but of those 4 days I have "ran" (run/walk) 3 days. I took Sunday off. Today I went out in the rain. I was actually feeling really good and then I turned around and the wind hit me and the rain turned to hail and I wasn't so good anymore. I was frozen. I finished a bit earlier then I had initially planned and came home to finish on my elliptical. So 3 of 50 days DONE!

On a side note I am so excited that Army Wives has started back up for their season. I love that show.


The Theisen Twosome said...

I think you should count today as one for the runs. Just because the weather turned bad doesn't mean you tried. So I think you should count it and you did finish inside. Keep it up!!!

Carrie said...

WAY TO GO! Once I figure out just what's wrong with my back, I'd love to go running with you!

KLB said...

Nice job friend! you are doing great! I need to do the same!