Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DVR wonder of the world

I feel bad that I haven't posted in over a week! So I am going to tell you about something we just bought! We got directv and a DVR! It is great! Now I can record my shows when Ben watches his favorite shows on Monday! And then tonight Ben went out HWY 20 to find Levi who had shot an elk. Gordon and Ben went to help pack it out. So while he is gone tonight he will have his shows recording! I love this machine.

And by the way, Thursday Greys Anatomy starts! I am so excited. It will be even better in January when LOST starts and Thursdays become the best night of the week by far.

O, and while the HUGE entertainment center was out from the wall, getting the new directv cables, we painted. Okay so I am coming back to edit that "we" was more Ben. :) I watched. Well I taped and removed things from the way, does that count?
I am still getting used to the colors but it is really fun having some color in this house. I cannot wait to buy all the decorations the room now needs. So in this picture the little black box is the DVR and you get to see two of the three colors we used in our rooms!
So now you have a current post. (But at least I post more often then my friend Karrie and my friend Heidi!)


momaof4 said...

Love, love, love DVR!!
I get a bit worried that our shows are being taped, so i made Darren go through and check it out to make sure the thing remembered what was important to us and is recording them!!!

Then I had to watch the CSI preview in slow motion cause I saw Sara was back and well I wasn't fast enough to catch it the first time!!! What a sesion that will be.

kay I could write a whole post in a comment about DVR too!! :0

See you soon

February Jill said...

And I remember the days when we scheduled our whole evening around being home by 8 on Thursday nights so we wouldn't miss Friends!

Tivo is such a wonderful thing. :)

P.S. Love the paint!