Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matt Damon on Sara Palin

I have really enjoyed watching Gov Palin speak and move into the spot light. I have thought about doing a post on her but decided not to. I don't need to push my political views on you, my readers. . . but I just read that Matt Damon is afraid that she will be like a bad Disney movie and added that she believes in creationism! The gall. To believe the Bible! He also mentioned that she believes in censorship, which has proved to be another really bad rumor. Some of the books she has been said to try to ban were not even written until after the said banning. I am not sure how Sara Palin is making it through all the lies that have been thrown at her but I guess you are doing something right when the extreme leftists have to try to tear you down.

If Matt Damon is against Sara Palin I am pretty sure I am ALL for her.


Anonymous said...
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red-headed Wilson's said...

I deleted some random rambling about scams. Very weird. You can post a disagreement with me but I would like it to make sense and be relevant to the post. :) THANKS

momaof4 said...

I like her too. Can she just be President?