Friday, September 26, 2008

A family first

So yesterday was a big day in our house hold. Last year the school had two fundraisers we were unable to attend. This year Alicia was begging to go to the first one. So last Thursday, when we had small group and the kids had to go to bed here as well, we bribed them. If they stayed in their rooms and no one knew they were even here they would be able to go to this fundraiser. So last night arrived. I went and picked a cousin up, Miss Anna, and then when Ben got home we raced off for Chuck-E-Cheese's. I had been dreading it. I did not want my kids to know such a place existed. I had heard horror stories of the food and the prices. But we used an entertainment coupon and really we had a great time! The kids were so happy. They almost floated as they ran around. Cloud Nine! I was asked how many children I brought as Ben was having a good time playing games, too. Afterwards we headed to Cold Stone Creamery for the free icecream social. It was a great evening. BUT I have been feeling so incredibly icky that by the end of this night I was done. So when I got home I went right to bed and have not seen my blessed Greys! I was heart broken that I would not see it last night. There is something about watching it ON the first night. I hate being sick. And tonight we have small group at our house so I will be cleaning like a mad woman today and then staying up late tonight. All I really want to do today is sleep so I can be well rested for my day with the girls. Well that settles it- - -Let the children fend for themselves, and small groups can meet in dirty houses as just as well as clean houses. OK, I am off to bed.


momaof4 said...

We have yet to go to Yucky Cheese.
8 years and counting!!!

Love you. get lots of rest. I feel a little something too. So we can clear our thowts (sp?) and sneeze together.

February Jill said...

What? You haven't seen it yet??? Dee, you're rocking my world here. I thought you measured your week by Grey's Anatomy.