Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My friend Karen

I met my friend Karen in 1999. I had started college and my friends from my hometown lived across the hall from her. By December we had become good friends and today we are special friends. I love her. We have gone through much in 10 years and a lot of my college memories have her in them in some way. The sad thing is that every September I have these really good intentions to remember her birthday! A few days ago I thought okay I will remember but here it is a day after her 32nd birthday and I missed it again! The sad thing is I do this almost every year. It has nothing to with my love for Karen or the kind of person she is, but it says a lot about me. I am sorry Karen!
Karen is one of those friends that everyone hopes they get to be friends with. She is loyal, caring and honest. I know I would not be in touch with all my other special friends if it wasn't for her keeping us accountable to meeting monthly. She is a bit like glue, the good glitter colored glue!



VBC MOPS said...

I love her too! Happy Birthday Karen! We do have so many fun memories with her! She really is a blessing. I wish I got to see her more! Love you too!
(this is Amy)

momaof4 said...

Your to funny!
I saw you had written 4 posts. and I thought you had gone blog crazy, then I see this is about me.

To sweet. (lots of people forget) Had a good day. My ST set the most wonderful flower!! I am greeted by there sent every time I enter the house!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!