Sunday, September 28, 2008

Solomon, Sex, and Jesus

This is the series our church has been on for the last two weeks. I cannot say enough about how incredible our pastor has been on covering this subject but I can give you links to his messages. I think all chuches need to actually cover this subject more faithfully. We, the church, have made sex seem gross and something needed to be talked about in secret. But if we don't cover it and gives some guidelines then our children will never know how to handle the big issues. I am impressed that Foothills cares about us enough to preach on it and Pastor Tim to do something that is uncomfortable!

I was also impressed that he said today that couples that are staying together, not divorcing, for ther kids sake are doing a good thing. He said he applauded them for that effort. He did also add that he hopes they work on staying together for Gods sake, but I loved that he gave them props as divorce does hurt kids. I think more people need to hear they are doing a good thing and not told to divorce and take care of themselves. What a selfish idea!

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February Jill said...

I totally agree. I wish more people would stick to it! At least for the kiddos sake!